Personality Disordered Individual - Say Goodbye to your PDI

What's your PDI Misery Index?

Please check your answer "Yes or "No" to the following questions:
1. Do you find yourself frequently apologizing to them even though you know you did nothing wrong? YES NO
2. Are you in a relationship in which "struggle" has become a way of life? YES NO
3. Do they bring out the worst in you? And then you feel guilty? YES NO
4. Do you fall into any of these categories in your relationship? YES NO
  Powerless, frustrated YES NO
  Sucked dry, exploited YES NO
  Always giving in, manipulated YES NO
5. Do you always have to explain yourself, but they never do? YES NO
6. Do you ever get the feeling that they have the scene planned (how you're supposed to act) and if you don't do it their way, there's trouble? YES NO
7. Do you feel that problems are always your fault and your rights come last? That your feelings are passed off as selfish? YES NO
8. Do they ask you to talk about what's wrong but when you do, they cannot take any criticism? That if you say something negative, you're attacking, but if you say nothing you're to blame for not sharing? YES NO
9. Do you often feel guilty and think that the cause of the problems in the relationship lies with you? YES NO
10. Do they provoke you and then turn your feelings around on you? YES NO
11. Do you constantly feel that the relationship would improve if only you could do better at making it work? YES NO
12. Do they make promises that they never keep and expect you always to keep yours? YES NO
13. Do you keep telling yourself that they are not really like they behave and keep making excuses for him? YES NO
14. Do you find yourself putting a lot of energy into keeping the illusion of the relationship rather than face how truly bad the relationship is? YES NO
15. Do you feel like you're frequently talking to a child? YES NO
16. Do you have the sense that whatever they say, they really never express their feelings? And that when they do talk, they're vague, general and turn things around on you? YES NO
17. Do you really trust the person with whom you're supposed to have a close relationship? YES NO
18. Do you wonder why nothing changes in your relationship… no matter what you do? Do they ever really change, no matter how hard you try? YES NO
19. Do you frequently hear "I can't take this anymore!" or something similar? YES NO
20. Are they self-centered and egotistical? Do they talk down to you? YES NO
21. Do they often play the 'victim' role in your relationship when really they do the victimizing? YES NO
22. Do you feel like there is no "us" in the relationship? That it's all about them? YES NO
23. Do you frequently wonder why you stay with them? But still you do? YES NO
24. Do you feel that you always have to give into them to keep the peace but they never give into you? YES NO
25. Do they make you miserable? YES NO
  How many Questions did you answer YES TO:  

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