Personality Disordered Individual - Say Goodbye to your PDI

Opinions about the Book & Dr. K

Hi Stan,
I like your book so much that I'm recommending it to absolutely everyone. It truly is a "gift" to those of us who have to deal with people who have personality disorders.

Darlene Arden
CABC, Author ("Rover, Get Off Her Leg!"), Journalist, Lecturer

Dear Dr. Kapuchinski,
I have been meaning to write to you for a long time to say how eternally grateful I am to you for your information about the passive aggressive personality. For years, I have dealt with my husband and spent a fortune on therapists...

Marie R.

Dear Dr. Kapuchinski,

I am a small-town M.D.-Pathologist. One of my colleagues displays many passive-aggressive and other personality-disordered traits...

Sincerely, B.D., M.D.

Dr K.
I just wish to thank you for your newspaper column articles of Mar. 28 and April 25.

I have been in a relationship for the past two years that is just a classic example of passive aggressive personality disorder.

Thank you. MLJ

Dr. K,
I read with great interest your newspaper column which had excerpts from your book Say Goodbye to your PDI.

The story you told could have been my daughter, and I am eager to get a copy of your book.

Linda B

Hi Dr. Stan,
I thought you'd enjoy reading an email I received from one of our listeners since the show began airing yesterday in some areas:


Sarah Guiudalian
KMOX Talk Radio

“Your book was extremely helpful to me in my ‘special’ situation. I am in the Army and deployed. I found your book very supportive and offering excellent techniques in dealing with my co-workers, especially in this very structured organization. I have high-lighted many pages that remind me how to cope.”

Francine B. Sergeant
Logistician/Technician US Army, Afghanistan

Dr. Kapuchinski,
Thanks more than you know, the "miserable ones" appreciate your insight. For me, the oldest son, FULL QUOTE

on behalf of "the miserable ones"

Dr. K,
Thanks for the article. You describe, almost in exact detail, what my mother's approach to life is. She has managed to affect and control almost everyone in her domain. FULL QUOTE

Thanks, Henry

Hello Dr. K:
I read with great interest your article on Personality Disorders.

This is about my son-in-law. Our daughter and her husband have been married for 14 years. A very difficult 14 years to say the least. I can remember only too well his confronting us with total anger... FULL QUOTE

Sue M

Dear Dr. K,
I read your excerpt from your book in the The Sun on the passive-aggressive personality. I wish I knew when you are going to have more articles on this personality as you mentioned you were going to in the paper.


Sincerely, Janice

Dear Dr. K,
Thanks for your book.  I now deal much better with another professional woman with whom I work. I find she is just incredibly negative and finds the bad in everything...


Sincerely yours, H.P.

Dear Dr. Kapuchinski:
A while back I purchased and read your book, Stop Your Misery, Say Goodbye to your PDI, after hearing your interview on Wisconsin Public Radio.  On that show, I immediately had answers that I needed for so long in regards to family members' behaviors.

Best wishes, M.H.

Dr. K,
This is good news forwarded by Sarah, my producer about our recent radio interview with you. Christy and I give you high 5's for the show!  I'm leading seminar "About Your Difficult Person!" four times this winter.  I include your book as a resource and pens fly as people make notes to buy!  I see behaviors changing with optimism. Thanks again for the interview!  Cheers,

Phyllis Wallace
Host, "Woman to Woman" radio talk

Dr. K.
I just wish to thank you for your wonderful book. I have been in a relationship for the past two years that is just a classic example of passive aggressive personality disorder. Absolutely everything fits. I have hoped for changes that I realize will never happen unless I make it happen.

Thank you. MLJ

Dear Dr. K.,
Finally read your book and think it is right on. Your communication style is very direct and to the point. Although I have read books like yours before, I learned some things I had not thought about in the way you presented them. Such as the theory “about people getting stuck in mental development and never growing out of it.” It makes a lot of sense. 

Thanks, Faye

Dear Dr. Kapuchinski:  
Learning of the possibility of PDIs running in families helps me to better understand what I have been dealing with my entire life (I'm 59 years old). FULL QUOTE

Best regards, S.R.

Dr. Kapuchinski,
        Thank you so much for writing your book!  I ordered it to be able to work with certain difficult individuals at work, and also to give to a friend who is married to a PDI. 

Thank you.  Your book has given me great insight!


Dr. Kapuchinski,
I overheard the "close to end" session on KMOX Radio today. You are SO on target. I subscribe to your theory and practice of ridding oneself of toxic relationships. I have done this in the past on a personal level. You helped me to see clearly today in regards to an individual you recently made me to feel so very small. I am so glad I heard as much as I did of your interview today. I am going to purchase your book and when I get a job, I will probably integrate it into my practice.

F. F., Social Worker

Dr. Kapuchinski,
Bless your heart for all your insights and hard work in applying your discipline to what so many of us felt that some thing was very wrong in a close relationship. Giving, giving, giving... FULL QUOTE

Thanks again, D.B.

Dear Dr. Kapuchinski,
OK, I just bought your book and skimmed it. I could have written the descriptions based on personal experience (but certainly not as well or thoroughly as you did). FULL QUOTE


Dr. K.
Thanks for writing such a great book! I was really upset over my last relationship. Your chapter on Histrionic Personality Disorder was an epiphany - FULL QUOTE


Dr. Stan,
I woke up this morning listening to you on the radio. In your interview, everything you& were talking about (PDIs) struck several nerves or chords in my body. I immediately got up to write down your name and website because I had to know more. FULL QUOTE

Thank you. Elina

Hello Dr. K
I listened to your talk on Woman to Woman radio. It was the first time listening and my husband is the one who introduced me to the station. He is my PDI!... FULL QUOTE


Hi Dr. Stan,
I heard you on the radio yesterday morning and couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing because my life is full of people past and present with PDI's... FULL QUOTE

Thanks, Mariah

Dr. K -- Below is the first email that came in after the show tonight. Just thought I would share it with you.

"Hi Sue, I listened to your show today with Dr. K and I wanted to call but as he continued to speak about PDI a light went on...

Sue D.
Women’s Talk Radio

Dear Dr. Kapuchinski,
I've been reading with great interest your recent series on passive-aggressive personality disorders. For over thirty years, I've been trying to "fix" my daughter...


Sincerely, Elsie

Your book not only offers good coping techniques, but provides reassurance that I am not the crazy one.  It keeps me from being dragged into my colleague's craziness, and helps me stay separate from the chaos when my co-worker has an outburst of unexplained anger or hostility.

Anne Q.
Chicago, IL

Thanks again for your book.  I am thankful for the life lessons I have learned from my PDI, and thankful for the grown-up tips from your book on dealing with her.

Brian M.
LaJolla, CA

I knew my girlfriend was ‘high-maintenance’ but wrote it off to her lousy upbringing. I kept thinking that I would be ‘the one’ who would make things better for her. FULL QUOTE

Peter R.
New York City

“Just a note of thanks for helping me realize that I was taking the blame for everything in my relationship while all the while he was using me. I have now said “goodbye.”

Sheila M. Sydney

I found your book ‘right on’ in describing a long time ‘friend’ who for years was draining me dry in her need for attention. And I thought I was helping her! Thanks.

Melissa P.
Dallas, TX


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