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Biography of Stan Kapuchinski, M.D.

Dr. Kapuchinski received his undergraduate degree from Fordham University. While there on a full scholarship, he was a dean's list student and was choose to participate in its Honors Program for Gifted Undergraduates. This program allowed him to spend his junior year living in Paris, France, becoming fluent in the French language and studying at Le Sorbonne.

Graduating with honors, Kapuchinski received a National Institute of Health fellowship to pursue a year of research in neurosciences at Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Finishing medical school in St. Louis, he received his M.D. and was selected for a medical internship in a gifted young doctors program at the prestigious Boston University Medical Center.

Dr. K. received his psychiatric training at the world-renowned Institute of Living in Connecticut. This Institution's reputation drew people from around the world for comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and treatment. Soon after completing his psychiatric residency, Dr. K completed the rigorous examinations to become Board-Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology.

Following medical residency, Dr. K served in the US Air Force where he held the rank of Major and positions of Chief of Inpatient and Outpatient psychiatry at a large Air Force medical center. It was during this period that he conceptualized and brought to fruition a Bio-Behavioral Treatment Program for treatment of psychosomatic disorders, of which he was also Chief of Service.

Subsequent to his military service, Dr. K. started a private practice in Connecticut. Because of his psychiatric expertise, Dr. K also quickly began wide-ranging work as a psychiatric consultant. He has acted in the role of psychiatric consultant to the State of Connecticut's Department of Corrections. During his tenure there, Dr. K was solely instrumental in inaugurating new programs in Bio-Behavioral Medicine, the Medical Treatment of Sexual Offenders and an entirely new concept of intense treatment of inmates with Attention Deficit Disorder with his publishing an article "ADHD Men In Jail," in Attention Magazine.

Following a strong interest in Attention Deficit Disorder in adults and children, Dr. K established the Center For Treatment of ADD and Related Disorders of which he was CEO and Medical Director. Dr. K. has served as liaison psychiatrist on a multi-disciplinary team dealing with cancer patients and the catastrophic issues that can arise with this diagnosis. It was at this time that he established a specialized treatment service within the cancer center of the large metropolitan hospital connected with this team.

He has held titles of Assistant Professor and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut where he taught medical students the psychiatric subjects that were part of their intense and short psychiatric rotation. It was as a teacher that Dr. K heard students repeatedly asking for a book with clarity and down-to-earth examples of psychiatric problems from which the future doctors might learn. Dr. K. found that most books available were too clinical and lacked the information to 'picture' in the students' minds a particular problem situation.

Rather than limit the scope of the book to students, Dr. K. decided to write a book for professionals, students, business people and just ordinary people like you and me. His goal was to provide a book that would be very clear and concise with many practical examples to create an unmistakable picture of a particular behavior and problem.

Prior to moving to Florida, Dr. K. held the position of Special Psychiatric Specialist at The Gold Coast Hospital, Queensland, Australia where he oversaw an in-patient psychiatric treatment unit in a large regional medical center. During this time, Dr. K. also continued to teach psychiatric residents, interns and medical students.

After his moving to Florida, Dr. K. headed a large, community mental health program in SW Florida where he was medical director. In this position, he reorganized the medical department and created new treatment programs.

Dr. K's numerous consulting positions have included a variety of institutions including nursing homes as a geriatric consultant, sexual offender programs as a specialist in psychopharmacology, corporations as a business consultant for stress management and various community agencies as a resource for case discussion and treatment advice.

Dr. K. continues to consult to attorneys on forensic matters in malpractice suits. This venue further reinforced his desire to write a simplified yet informative book in which professionals such as lawyers could easily identify and understand particularly hard to manage clients and not become frustrated, angry or overwhelmed.

Having spoken before a number of groups with diverse backgrounds from laymen to medical specialists on psychiatric issues, Dr. K. has acquired a vast amount of experience in public speaking. He continues to speak before various groups from non-psychiatric physicians to cancer-support organizations.

Dr. K. has been on the speakers' bureau of several pharmaceutical companies as well as acting as facilitator in pharmaceutical company meetings both in the US and in Europe. Because of Dr. K's natural delivery and genuine interest in conveying pertinent information in a non-clinical way, he continues to be a much sought-after speaker for various organizations in the southwest Florida region where he now resides.

Dr. K. initiated, wrote, produced and hosted his own cable TV show, The Mind And Body, which dealt with mental health and other physical issues. He continues to participate in the media and has appeared both on radio and TV in the Florida area.

After Hurricane Charlie devastated his region of Florida, Dr. K. was asked to appear on public TV in a program Coping With Stress In A Natural Disaster. Because of the exceptional informational quality in the program, it continues to be aired frequently both locally and nationally.

Dr. Kapuchinski continues to write both non-fiction and fiction works. He has a mental health column, Ask Dr. K, that appears regularly in a large SW Florida newspaper.

Dr. K. lives, writes and practices psychiatry in Punta Gorda, Florida.

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