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About Dr. Kapuchinski

Dr. Stan KapuchinskiStan Kapuchinski, M.D., is a Medical Doctor with board certification in psychiatry and neurology. A dean's list undergraduate at Fordham University in New York, he was a National Institute of Health fellow at Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, after which Dr. Kapuchinski received his M.D. degree from St. Louis University.

He then pursued postgraduate training at the Boston University Medical Center in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry at the Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut.

Dr. Kapuchinski served in the U.S. Air Force with rank of Major. While in the military, he was the department chairman of in-patient and out-patient psychiatry and also began a bio-behavioral program for psychosomatic illnesses.

He has served as a psychiatric consultant to numerous medical, business and government organizations. In his travels, Dr. Kapuchinski was a psychiatric volunteer at the Peruvian Amazon River Basin, as well as functioned as a Senior Psychiatric Specialist in Queensland, Australia.

Dr. Kapuchinski continues to practice psychiatry and write in southwest Florida. His column, "Ask Dr. K.," is published frequently in SW Florida’s Charlotte Sun Herald. ┬áSee Dr. K's Extended Biography

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