Personality Disordered Individual - Say Goodbye to your PDI

About the Book...

Dr. Stan Kapuchinski, "Dr. K"One simple experience we all have had is the guy who has his legs out in the aisle and makes it impossible for us to get by. He moans, groans and sighs and makes a big deal out of having to move. And then he makes it known that you are the problem.

Imagine a daily cycle of having to deal with such provoking behaviors that come from your spouse, your co-worker, your boss or someone else with whom you frequently have to associate. Even when you think you are handling things, this kind of irritating behavior from others makes you feel unhappy, frustrated, moody and angry. You feel 'stuck' and powerless in a difficult and altogether unhappy situation.

For those of you who must put up with these miserable wretches each day… Do not fear… help is at hand!

Psychiatrist, Stan Kapuchinski, M.D.'s new book, Say Goodbye To Your PDI, Personality Disordered Individuals shows you how to break this cycle. His book explains to you in clear language and many 'true-life adventure' examples how to unfailingly identify the manipulators whose controlling behavior again and again affects you despite everything you try. These are individuals with personality disorders. Say Goodbye To Your PDI, Personality Disordered Individuals shows you how you get trapped in frustrating and unhealthy relationships, how to recognize them for what they are (misery producing) and what to do about them and their manipulating of you.

Dr. K gives you definitive examples of how these people-users turn your own emotions against you to control you. Once you understand this, you will then learn what you can and, more importantly, cannot do in dealing with these irritating, demanding and guilt-inspiring people.

A sense of control in our lives is essential to happiness. Say Goodbye To Your PDI, Personality Disordered Individuals takes you from feeling powerless in a particular relationship to attaining a true sense of being in-charge.

Dr. K.'s divides the book into two main sections

The first section tells you what you should know about personality disorder individuals; including what a personality disorder is, how a person with personality disorder behaves and how this behavior affects you. The book describes the ways you get trapped and manipulated and why you stay trapped. Are you one of the people who are most ensnared by personality disorder individuals? Are you:

  • the caring person?
  • the rescuer?
  • the guilty person?
  • the giver?
  • the abused individual?
  • the insecure one?
  • the ordinary individual like you and me who gets stuck?

Say Goodbye To Your PDI, Personality Disordered Individuals will help you see how you get trapped!

The second section lists the individual types of personality disorders, including:

  • The Blamers:
    • 'Mr. Negative', the passive aggressive guy who uses guilt to control you
  • The Dramatic, Emotional and Erratic:
    • 'Ms. Succubus', the enchantress who sucks your attention dry and keeps on going
    • 'Mr. Smooth Operator', the anti-social guy whose morals include only what he can scam from you
    • 'Ms. Fatal Attraction', the woman who loves to hate you and lives on the borderline of reality and
    • 'Mr. Egotist, the narcissist, who firmly believes that you exist for the sole purpose of worshipping him

Easy to Understand...

In keeping ideas simple and straightforward, Say Goodbye To Your PDI, Personality Disordered Individuals includes many "Picture This" short instances (e.g. "Think of the guy who drives 15 mph in a 45 mph zone to tick you off.") The book also gives many "True Life Adventures" examples to help the you identify with what is going on. These 'Adventures' cover areas in the daily lives of professional and business people as well as in personal situations.

For each personality problem, Say Goodbye To Your PDI, Personality Disordered Individuals describes the perplexing feelings that confuse you and what you can and more importantly cannot do to handle things better.

There are many "~Remember" remarks to help keep key points in your mind. There are also many examples of how you might feel (wrongly of course) in dealing with manipulators and their using your feelings against you. There are also many instances of how you should justifiably feel in the face of feeling exploited. Each area of the book describing a personality disorder contains lists of how you will mistakenly perceive them (and be sucked in) and how you 'should' perceive them in a more objective way so you will avoid being manipulated.

In short, Say Goodbye To Your PDI, Personality Disordered Individuals provides you with everything you need to cope much better, if not entirely eliminate, these negative people from your life.


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